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The Imaginacup, a Rocket League Tournament Organized by EGS in Bordeaux

The sun is shining over the city of Mérignac. It’s 10 AM. The first players arrive one by one to participate in the first edition of the Imaginacup, a Rocket League tournament organized by EGS in partnership with Imaginaxion. The EGS team has gone the extra mile to organize a truly remarkable esports event.

Une demi-finale tendue

A tense semi-final An unprecedented esports tournament in Bordeaux

Unfortunately, Bordeaux is not a very active city in terms of esports. The TCT (esports association) organizes weekly tournaments on Smash Bros, but apart from these initiatives, not much has been happening for several years. EGS has decided to revive the reputation of the capital of Nouvelle Aquitaine by hosting a tournament with a €500 cash prize for the game Rocket League. Sponsored by their coach Imaginaxion, who made the trip for the occasion, the tournament brought together over 20 teams comprising both amateurs and high-level players (former pros).

The event took place in a joyful atmosphere at the XLR8 Arenas, located at 208 avenue de la Marne in Mérignac. The event was live-streamed online thanks to the casting by Imaginaxion and LifeIsCool, and it was a resounding success.

Exciting battles in Rocket League, a game with a skill gap

The choice of the game was not random. Rocket League offers a spectacular show and is easily understood by the various spectators who came to witness the event. Moreover, this game has a significant “skill gap.” This means that mastering the game’s mechanics is essential for victory, whereas in other games, chance can prevail (for example, when opening a chest in Fortnite, luck rewards you or not).

Magma, Terapyy, and Elexit made the trip to compete. And after some thrilling matches, the final took place in an electrifying atmosphere, all broadcasted live on Imaginaxion’s Twitch channel!

Imaginaxion and Life on the cast

The Rocket League tournament finals

It’s 5:45 PM. It’s time for the grand final showdown. Despite giving it their all and putting up a great fight, the MGA team, composed of our student Terapyy and Syreox, were defeated in the semi-finals. The same fate befell the V7 team with Azka and Strenz_. So, these two teams competed in the third-place match. The battle was fierce, but it was MGA who emerged victorious with a 3-2 score in the BO5.

The audience is on edge. The hour of the final is approaching rapidly. It will see the clash of great players: EleXit / Scal (the Foufous de Sochaux) against Magma / Pendragonyy (White Angels). The kickoff is given. The battle is tough, but the dominance of the Foufous de Sochaux, especially the formidable EleXit, weighs on the confrontation. They ultimately win the BO5 with a hard-fought 3-0. They walk away with €300 and the satisfaction of winning the first LAN organized by EGS at its headquarters.

The winner
1st – EleXit and Scal
2nd – Magma et Pendragonyy
3rd – Terapyy et Syreox
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