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EGS partner of Gamers Assembly 2023

Saturday, April 8th, 5 am, somewhere on the Bordeaux ring road…

We had already loaded the truck last night. I saw a shooting star while driving. I thought it was a good omen.

We took the highway towards Poitiers.

We saw the day break.

We arrived at the Palais des Congrès.

We couldn’t find the entrance. Then we found the entrance.

We started unloading with Yoann.

A TV, a headset, a mixer, an EGS totem, two towers, two screens, two scarlets, two chairs, three lights, three webcams, four students, four bean bags, four microphones, seven tripods, USB extensions, HDMI cables, XLR cables, power extensions, power strips… cables, cables, to decable?


We set up a streaming setup for the conference area of the Gamers Assembly 2023.

How EGS streamed the conferences at the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers

It was our first Gamers Assembly.

We met guests, we saw them, we debated, and we liked the topics discussed.

The speakers talked about inclusion. We talked about our partnership with the socio-medical institute to help young people with behavioral disorders.

The speakers talked about education. We showcased our gamified pedagogy.

The speakers talked about opportunities. We talked about our Esports Department.

The speakers talked about inclusion. Our students gave their testimony.

After that, we were happy because we were able to showcase everything we do on the field every day at EGS.


The largest LAN in France for over 20 years, Gamers Assembly

The Gamers Assembly was quite a madness. We saw students in their natural habitat, in LAN. I saw Darth Vader checking on Léo, a 9-year-old kid. We heard a roar coming from the ground. It was a frenzied crowd screaming… We went to see and realized it was the finals of the Silver Geeks on Wii Bowling. We crossed the competition hall, encountered a student playing. We met the voice of the Raving Rabbids and Cayetana from Elites. We bumped into another student playing. We witnessed an intense final on the game OSU. We ran into our coach ShlaYa on League of Legends. I mistook a Stormtrooper in a stage costume from behind for Daft Punk.

Hours passed, days flew by, and I eventually thought, “I’m also in my natural element.”

In short, we can’t wait to come back for the next Gamers Assembly.

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