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The Girondins de Bordeaux Trust EGS

As part of the competition organized by the LFP (Ligue de Football Professionnelle), the Girondins de Bordeaux have chosen EGS and PEST Esport (a structure created over 10 years ago by our Head of Esport, Benoît ‘Kalash’ Amédée).

EGS supports its beloved club by taking charge of the mental, technical, physical, and cognitive preparation of Mino7x and MarwanMC9, the two players representing the club this season 2023. Our coaches are ready to welcome the two cyber-athletes in their preparation and lead them to victory.

The competition will take place from March to May 2023, with over 12 clubs from Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 participating. It will be broadcasted on the Twitch channel of Ligue 1 Uber Eats, and you will also find some broadcasts on l’Équipe 21.

La vidéo d’introduction des nouveaux joueurs 2023

The professional players for the eLigue 1 Uber Eats 2023 season.


Amine ‘Mino7x’ Boughanmi is a true heavyweight in the FIFA esports scene. He is already a French Champion in FIFA 18 and FIFA 20, and has represented France at the eNations Cup in FIFA 21.


Marwan ‘MarwanMC9’ Chahhou has just signed his first contract. Count on him to give his all, as he already shows great potential. In fact, he finished as the 7th best French player in the FIFA Global Series.


Benoit ‘Kalash’ Amédée coaches the professional players of Girondins de Bordeaux for the second consecutive year. He is also our Head of Esports.

A comprehensive support, beyond just playing video games

Being a professional player doesn’t necessarily mean playing all day! Becoming a great player also means becoming an athlete. EGS aims to support these cyber athletes in the best way possible by integrating them into a comprehensive support program.

Grégory, préparateur mental et double Vice Champion Olympique de natation
Yannick, Docteur en science du sport
Claire, préparatrice physique, coach Crossfit level 2 et ancienne militaire
Anthony, neuro trainer

This group of specialized coaches was born out of EGS’s desire to structure and professionalize esports. For over 5 years, we have been working both empirically and scientifically to coordinate, organize, structure, and professionalize esports training. This partnership with the Girondins de Bordeaux is an opportunity to showcase our expertise in the FIFA esports scene.

Interview de Mino, Marwan et Kalash

A second professional season for the Girondins x EGS x PEST trio

This is the second consecutive season for this exclusive partnership. In 2022, the Girondins de Bordeaux already sought the support of EGS and PEST Esport for the coaching of their players.

Fantoxe, player 2021
Modric, player 2021
B2, player 2021 (forfait)
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