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Redbull partners with EGS for the Redbull Campus Clutch

The renowned energy drink brand has partnered with EGS for its major event in the Valorant scene: the Redbull Campus Clutch. In addition to sending their students to compete for the title, EGS had the opportunity to host the regional finals in 2021. Let’s take a look back at this collaboration together.

—- 2022

Syze in the foreground after the team’s victory in the regional finals. Ridder wearing the cap.

Our students are the French Valorant champions for the second consecutive time.

In their second participation in the French University Championships of Valorant (Redbull Campus Clutch), our two students Quentin “Ridder” Godebert and Esteban “Syze” Chaigneau won the national finals. They achieved the Back to back feat by winning this competition for the second consecutive time.

It is worth mentioning that they competed against another student, Iyed “Kizi” Benabdennebi, who also qualified for the national finals.

Thanks to the work done by their coach Izzy, our two champions were able to represent France with the Mbapeek team at the world finals in Brazil.

Ridder wearing the France jersey.
Syze wearing the France jersey.

—- 2021

EGS students had the honor of organizing the Redbull Campus Clutch South-West Regional Finals. This was a real supervised pedagogical project in partnership with the brand, allowing them to understand the inner workings of organizing an esports event.

Organizing this esports event was a great opportunity for our students.

Saturday, March 27th, 9 am. It’s a big day for our students in the Esport Étude program at the Bordeaux headquarters. They have been working diligently for several days to ensure that the event runs smoothly, without any issues. The final preparations are crucial: nothing should be left to chance. Ethernet cables, computer performance, aesthetic design, and user experience – everything must be perfect. Led by Gaël, the team is united and ready to take on the challenge. They are proud to be able to apply their skills for a brand they particularly admire: Redbull.

Wrath giving some advice to Nobody.

Our students win the regional finals: GG.

To top it all off, the EGS team (composed of our students) won the Regional Finals. Led by @Ridder, a Top 100 EU player in Valorant, Kuota, Syze, Tryn, and Nobody secured a 2-0 victory in the BO3 against Tsunade. A big congratulations to them. As of writing this page, they are preparing to compete in the National Finals in Poitiers organized by the representatives of the Gamer Assembly.

Wrath and Izzy, their Valorant coaches, have been following them for several weeks to perfect their game strategies. According to them, this “improvised” team for the Redbull Campus Clutch can be a formidable force. The players complement each other and are motivated to win this tournament.

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