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Why go to high school when you can go to the EGS?

Who can enter our alternative to high school?

Our alternative to high school is accessible after the 3rd grade to students who want to train in digital professions without waiting for higher education.

Why choose to enroll in an alternative to high school?

Simply because traditional high school doesn’t prepare you for practical careers. If you feel like you’re wasting your time in high school, it’s because you need a more hands-on education.

Do I get a high school diploma in an alternative to high school?

Yes and no. You don’t obtain the traditional high school diploma you’re familiar with, but you will be prepared for a professional qualification equivalent to the high school diploma recognized by the State. This qualification will be focused on digital professions.

What digital professions do we learn at EGS?

The professions of design, visual creation, and video.

Web designer, UI/UX designer, video editor… numerous professions fall within the realm of graphic and visual creation. They all come together under one word: creativity. And that’s what we’ll be working on together to help you enhance your skills in these professions.

Examples of subjects include:

The professions of computer development and coding

In high demand right now, developers are all the rage. You don’t need to have taken advanced mathematics courses, and that’s a good thing. Thanks to web languages and new coding methods, you’ll be able to envision yourself in exciting and highly employable careers.

Examples of subjects include:

The professions of traditional marketing and especially digital marketing

Influencers, e-commerce, and even dropshipping require skills in both traditional and digital marketing. At EGS, you’ll be trained in the skills demanded by these professions, such as understanding strategy, traffic acquisition, and online advertising

Examples of subjects include:

Focus metier numérique

2 more years

Fast. Efficient.

Focus on learning professional skills to accelerate your skill development, alongside your traditional curriculum on exciting subjects.

lycee numerique bac

Recognized diploma

by the state RNCP

Your preparation will lead to the opportunity to obtain the professional title at level IV ‘Graphic Designer Page Layout Artist’ equivalent to high school diploma, and continue your higher education.

lycee gaming

Esport ready

Our common passion

You will join the EGS Academy on Wednesdays. It’s 2 hours, including 30 minutes of awareness workshops dedicated to high-level video games supervised by pros. There’s nothing better for performance

lycee alternatif


Ealier. Stronger.

The earlier you learn these professions, the stronger you will be to enter the workforce. In addition to being exciting careers, you will have the advantage of having delved into them 2 years earlier than others.

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