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That’s It, We Know The King Of The Bahut On Valorant

It was a sunny Saturday morning. 9 a.m. Valorant players were determined to battle it out in the first edition of the King Du Bahut tournament. High school students from the region came to compete in the FPS game by RIOT Games. Let’s look back at this event.

40 players ready to compete in Valorant

The latest creation from the publisher Riot Games is gaining momentum. Its stylish graphics and advanced gameplay have dethroned the invincible Counter-Strike. Inspired by the League of Legends universe, Valorant allows 5 attacking players to face off against 5 defending players. In a race to 13 points, attackers must plant the spike in the enemy’s camp while defenders try to prevent them.

To do so, they exchange shots using weapons like the Vandal, Sheriff, or Phantom on maps that are more intricate than what 5v5 fans are used to seeing.

The 8 teams of players representing different high schools from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region are ready to compete for the victory in the first edition of the tournament and the trophy created by Mat’, the admin for the day.

Teams representing their schools in the esports tournament

Gathered in the two XLR8 Arenas, the players warm up. Mechanics, aim, strategy—teams are more prepared than ever. 9:30 a.m. It’s time for the first clash. The group stages have begun, and each team must win their three matches. Each match lasts approximately 30 minutes. The entire event was streamed live on the EGS Twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1824585677).

To welcome the participants, EGS students organized the event and created a virtual stage in the middle of the hall. This allowed the audience to enjoy the matches, animated by Teyll, who provided full-day commentary. EGS students, led by Nuno, Antoine, and Alex, managed all the logistical aspects to set up the gaming stations and ensure smooth organization. It’s a valuable educational support for these young people pursuing a career in the esports industry.

A future edition of the esports tournament on League of Legends

Following the success of this first edition, the students will organize another tournament for high school students. This time, the tournament will take place in League of Legends (LOL). It is already planned, and you can register and secure your slot on Eventbrite (registrations).

We’re already looking forward to it.

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