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The only school you'll fall in love for.

The best private university to build your future.

EGS is the first esport and studies university in Europe. You can follow coding, designing, computing and marketing courses in the same time you try your luck to become the best esport player you can. With a gamified home developped sofware, you can increase your skills at your pace without being afraid to be late or lost.

You are the center of all our attention.

We ere an innovative and modern program aligned with the new generation of students. Based on gamification, the training offered by our school accompanies you in your quest for results with high-quality modules perfectly suited to everyone’s desires. Through personalized learning, you will benefit from a truly interesting and relevant education for your professional project. Our goal is to enable students to take on challenges and help them reach the next level.

The only university dealing seriously with esport.

We take the practice of esports and gaming very seriously. We are convinced that behind the fun and relaxation lies a great number of skills developed through practice.

We are actively involved in structuring and professionalizing the esports environment on a daily basis, being the first school to offer an esports curriculum and also through our scientific research work on these subjects.

The time for the revolution of the education system has come!

Engaged for our future.

When we choose to be a committed school, we fully embrace it! EGS upholds values that we believe are essential in effectively supporting and training the future talents of tomorrow. We have chosen three fundamental pillars that govern all our actions.

The entire team is dedicated to the success of your project, whether it’s esports-related or academic. We understand and accept your differences. Moreover, together, we will turn them into strengths.

Joining EGS means making a choice.

It means choosing to be the main actor in shaping your own future. You are the only one who can accomplish what you wish to achieve. We will only be the support you need to believe in yourself and realize your projects.

Pillar #1

Pedagogic innovation

Innovation is essential when committing to change the education system. No more austere classrooms, fixed start dates, or boredom at school. Welcome to EGS.

Piliar #2

Human performance

Pushing one’s limits is part of the values we uphold at EGS, both physically and cognitively. Instilling a taste for effort is not achieved through obligation, but through the enjoyment it brings.

Piliar #3


Thinking independently. Asking the right questions. Exploring new horizons. That is also the role of the school and it is part of our fundamental pillars. So, let’s open our eyes to the world. Together.

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