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The only digital school that adapts to your pace

Pedagogical innovation

Pedagogical innovation is one of our three fundamental pillars. That’s why we have worked hard to create an open world where you can develop a wide range of skills. Even better: you get to choose what interests you and build YOUR professional profile.

Recognized diplomas

We have several titles recognized by the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor. These titles are reviewed by companies in each sector to best meet their needs and emerging professions.

Tailor-made objective

The combination of quests you will complete will lead you to a diploma. The more quests you accomplish, the higher your diploma level will be (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctorate). It’s up to you to invest in your journey to reach the level you’ve set for yourself. Your quests will mobilize all your abilities.

The more you go to school, the more you learn?

Do you really believe that it’s because you spent 2 years in school that you have a Bac+2 degree? We don’t. We have chosen to break free from the duration of studies and focus on the acquired competence instead. You can obtain your Bac+2 degree in 6 months or in 3 years. It’s up to you to set the pace you want.

What matters most to us is your willingness. If we can inspire you to have a desire for learning, then we’ve succeeded! Everything will be within your reach, and you will have no limits anymore!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

We have changed the school, no joke!

We must keep our promises! It’s important. As a committed school, we have changed the relationship you should have with school. We have eliminated boredom, frustration, and obligation to foster enjoyment, sharing, and motivation.

Thanks to our educational tool named “Koro” (like the great sensei from Assassination Classroom), you can progress at your own pace while having the choice in the content you want to explore.

The imposed schedule is over! Nothing is mandatory in this world. Nothing. So why should coming to school be? It should be a pleasure and a desire to learn instead. And that’s what this tool enables you to do. You choose daily what you want to learn from over 2000 available missions, and you will be supported by mentors. Yes, mentors, not teachers.

The major difference from a trainer is that the mentor will only intervene if you request their assistance. The motivation must come from you, and in that case, they will provide effective support.

It is with these values that we can progress together.

Graphic design / UI / UX et Video diplomas

Bac+2, Designer Web

School title in the process of recognition by the State (former Pro RNCP title)

Bac+3, Concepteur Designer UI

Professional Title level 6 recognized by the State RNCP35634

Bac+3, Content Creator

School title in the process of recognition by the State


We don’t believe that this level of education is necessary for successful professional integration.

Computing diplomas

Bac+2, Développeur Web et Web Mobile

Professional Title at Level 5 recognized by the State (RNCP37674).

Bac+3, Concepteur Développeur d'Applications

Professional Title at Level 6 recognized by the State (RNCP31678).


You will need to continue with a specialized training in Artificial Intelligence or Data, for example.

Bac+2, Technicien Supérieur Systèmes et Réseaux

Professional Title at level 5 recognized by the State RNCP37682

Courses without Open World / depending on our partner sessions opening

Bac+3, Administrateur système DevOps

Professional Title at level 6 recognized by the State RNCP36061

Courses without Open World / depending on our partner sessions opening

Bac+5, not now!

We advise you to take a first step into employment before completing your studies.

Diplômes Marketing

Bac+2, Assistant Stratégie Numérique

School title in the process of recognition by the State

Bac+3, Concepteur Designer UI​

Professional Title at level 6 recognized by the State RNCP35634

Bac+5, Manager d'Affaires

Professional certification at level I (France) and level 7 (Europe).

NSF Code 312m – Registered in the RNCP by decree of December 11, 2018, published in the Official Journal on December 18, 2018, under the authority and delivered by MANITUDE. Certification accessible through the VAE (Validation of Prior Learning) process.

The time it takes you. Neither more, nor less.

It is not the time spent at school that matters. But your skill development. Whether you take 6 months or 4 years to achieve a Bac+2, it doesn’t change the price or our commitment. We will always be there to support you if you have the determination.

We are certain that there is one thing left for you to do.