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Sony chooses EGS for its Bordeaux stage of the “SONY Road Show” in Europe

Sony, the electronics giant, sets its sights on Bordeaux, the capital of wine.

Less nostalgic than the famous “C’est pas sorcier” truck, but equally charismatic, Sony chooses to unveil its new hardware to its B2B clients in their own backyard. Sony has gone big on this one. In true Ramstein fashion, this European tour has been compiled with the help of 2 trucks crisscrossing Europe for 10 weeks from March 27th to June 10th. With 17 countries visited including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Scotland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Ireland, Sony has chosen to connect with its users on a more personal level.

An electronics giant in search of authenticity and personalized experience for its customers.

Sony, the consumer electronics giant, has decided to innovate by hitting the road to showcase its latest range of products during a European tour. This ambitious initiative aims to bring Sony closer to its customers and highlight its cutting-edge products. One of the stops on this exceptional journey took place in Bordeaux on May 9th, where Sony chose EGS, our school, to set up its exhibition (or rather, its 38-ton truck) and organize a remarkable event. The truck served as a showroom to introduce businesses to the following products: professional 4K BRAVIA displays, the TEOS workspace management solution, and TEOS Wayfinding, Corporate, Education, and digital signage solutions. Visitors also had the opportunity to witness a live demonstration of the new robotic camera SRG-A40 with AI (Artificial Intelligence) automatic tracking.

Engaging with youth to promote education and training.

Sony’s decision to make a stop at EGS is a testament to its commitment to education and youth. By choosing a digital school specializing in esports, Sony shows its interest in the new generations and their passion for video games. This innovative approach allows Sony to get closer to its target audience while contributing to the education of young people. It is often thought that these tech giants are paradoxically disconnected due to their size and global presence. This choice to present themselves on the grounds of a school is bold and authentic.

Sony’s decision to make education and youth a key part of its B2B tour is particularly interesting. It demonstrates Sony’s desire to build strong relationships with industry players and support educational initiatives related to new technologies. This innovative approach also reflects the growing importance of esports in the digital landscape and the need for major companies to invest in this rapidly expanding sector.

In conclusion, we were honored to humbly contribute to Sony’s Road Show. By stopping at EGS in Bordeaux, we hope that Sony has laid the foundation for a long-term partnership with the school. This approach demonstrates Sony’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and creating strategic partnerships with key players in the industry.


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