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First scientific steps for EGS at ERNC 2022

For over 4 years now, EGS has been dedicated to structuring esports and its practice. Whether it’s training or the complementary skills that video games require, we work tirelessly to provide solutions dedicated to performance.

EGS collaborates with a sports science doctor

Already engaged in a scientific approach with the Akiani agency on League of Legends in 2021, EGS has invested tens of thousands of euros in its research and development project. With the help of Yannick Daviaux, Benoit, our Head of Esports, works daily in contact with the various stakeholders involved in an esports athlete’s performance. With his many years of experience as the Founder of the esports association PEST Esport, he knows how much performance in esports goes beyond simply playing the game itself.

Key factors of performance in esports

It is undeniable that playing the game itself is necessary for improvement, both in terms of mechanics and knowledge of the game. However, that alone is not enough. Cognition, mental preparation, nutrition, and even physical exercise are also essential factors. They all contribute to a sense of well-being, both physically and mentally. This well-being makes it easier to reach a state of flow and perform at one’s maximum capacity. Unfortunately, in the esports field, it is not customary to integrate these factors into training and the pursuit of performance. Sometimes, players even do the opposite. This is what Benoit and Yannick fight against on a daily basis.

Ben and Yannick at the ERNC 2022 conference in Jönköping

Validation by peers at ERNC 2022

In scientific research, validation by peers is an essential component. This is what Benoit and Yannick sought at ERNC (Esport Research Network). Taking place prior to the renowned DreamHack in Jönköping, Sweden, ERNC provided an opportunity for EGS to present its work and the initial results that have emerged.

The work was incredibly well received by the various doctors and researchers at the conference. The project was the only one focusing on training and the structuring of coaches (both game-specific and general).

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