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A unique concept in Europe

EGS is a higher education institution offering post-baccalaureate programs in digital professions. It provides training in fields such as software development, web design, systems and networks technician, and web marketing.

But it is also the first esports study program in Europe. By offering this dual curriculum, our students can pursue opportunities in esports while ensuring a secure academic path.

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Discover everything about Open World, gamified pedagogy.

Our pedagogical tool is a game changer! It allows students to develop their skills at their own pace without having to worry about the pace of a traditional classroom. That’s why there is no fixed annual enrollment date, and all students can join us whenever they want.

For us, it’s not the student who should conform to the school, but rather the school’s role to adapt to each student and help them progress individually.

Our pedagogical tool puts the student at the center of the learning process, and its gamification allows maximum engagement through game mechanics such as Elo ranking, leaderboard, and a virtual currency that can be used to redeem real-life rewards.

EGS is based on three fundamental pillars

#1. Pedagogical innovation

#2. Human performance

#3. Open-mindedness

Key figures

Premises: 26 910 ft² at Bordeaux Mérignac near the Tramway A

Number of students: 200 students in 2022

Creation date: 2019

Founder name: Yoann Rousset

Teachers: 25 esport coachs and 20 academic mentors

Students age: from 18 to 24 years old