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Society is undergoing digital transformation. All your quests incorporate a digital aspect. Our educational programs are designed in collaboration with the companies that will employ you tomorrow.

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Your quests will lead you to complete real or fictional projects. With over 30 cross-functional projects, practice is at the heart of your professional and academic success.

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Let’s be direct! Joining EGS doesn’t guarantee you an apprenticeship. However, if you show commitment and work hard, we will gladly assist you.

What do the students work on?


Video editor at Roxane ASMR


Marketing assistant at Cybertek.


Web developer (JS) at Capgemini


Operator and content creator at Eva


Content creator at Socoo’c

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Examples of careers you can pursue.

Developer, it's in demand.

The role of a developer is in high demand. Indeed, the digital field is increasingly pervasive in our society. Developers are at the forefront of designing and coding the various interfaces we use on a daily basis.

If you have an affinity for computers and possess a structured logic, this may well be the profession for you.

There are numerous types of developers, including web developers, software developers, IoT developers, game developers, and more. Each type of developer requires different technologies (languages and stacks). However, all of them are based on algorithms, which are the fundamental building blocks for a skilled developer.

In terms of employability, it is currently one of the most promising careers. Salaries are generally good, even for junior developers.

Network Administrator, interconnected.

The interconnection between different systems and the rapid development of the web, cloud, and digital technologies have created a growing demand for skilled professionals in the field of systems and networks.

The role of a Network and System Administrator (an evolution of the Systems and Network Technician) involves managing the IT architecture of the company. As a true architect, you will be responsible for sizing and designing the company’s IT system.

Whether it’s managing routers, handling a network patch panel, or installing new RJ45 outlets, the Network and System Administrator plays a crucial role in the company’s operations.

In the early stages of your career, you will also be involved in user support. This includes tasks such as setting up new computer workstations or managing access rights to servers. You will be responsible for overseeing the entire IT infrastructure from A to Z.

Careers in the video game industry, comprehensive

The video game industry offers a wide range of diverse and varied careers. Whether in design, marketing, or computer science, this industry is growing and, as the leading cultural industry, has a bright future ahead. Here is an overview of a handful of careers in the sector:

√ Game designer: the famous one One of the most important positions in game design, the game designer is responsible for all gameplay. If you’ve ever played a “clunky” game, it’s probably because of them.

√ Character designer: the creative one Often passionate about drawing, the character designer has serious drawing skills. A true creative, they are also a technician who anticipates the constraints of 3D.

√ 2D/3D Animator: the hybrid one Still within the design branch, the 2D/3D animator is also a creative individual. They breathe life into characters (movement, gestures, facial expressions, etc.).

√ Business Developer: in high demand Focused on business development, the “biz dev” ensures that the game is distributed to as many people as possible. Their sole objective is the commercial success of the game.

√ Project Manager: the clockmaker In contact with all teams, their role is to ensure that the project progresses according to the established schedule. They coordinate the actions of the different stakeholders for the successful completion of the project.

√ Developer: the technician As in many industries, developers are still essential to the project. They transform the mechanics imagined by the game designer into computer code understandable by our machines. A coding error can make a game terrible: it’s a key position.

Content creator, new era.

Graphic design, YouTube, Twitch, photography, video, and more. There are so many types of content to create and so many platforms on which to create them, that the possibilities are endless.

Highly creative, a content creator has ideas flowing constantly. Whether working independently or as an employee, content creation is an essential element of a company’s strategy. The rise of social media has driven all businesses to invest in creating videos, visuals, and even live streaming on platforms like YouTube or Twitch.

The content creator has a vast playground before them. Their graphic style will be an indispensable asset that they must showcase in order to be recruited and recognized by their peers. It’s an extremely appealing profession that is also a true jungle where you need to differentiate yourself. However, in the end, your creativity will be well utilized!

Our students talk to you about it, with their understanding of spelling.

Seize professional opportunities when they arise.

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As many internships as you want.

Why impose “internship dates” on you? Does the company need you right away? We adapt so that you can seize this opportunity. You can do as many internships as you want during your training.

Apprenticeship training, yes.

Do you want to take on your quests through apprenticeship to benefit from a salary and gain experience while progressing? Perfect, we have our own Apprenticeship Training Center.

Accessible with or without a high school diploma. Because we don't learn that in high school.

A. The professions of design

The world of design is full of various professions. Whether it’s visual creation, interface design, video production, 3D modeling, or game design, these professions are in high demand. Design plays an essential role in our daily lives, and companies increasingly recognize its importance in standing out in a competitive environment.

Designer UI

The UI designer is directly involved in the creation of the user interface. Specialized in interfaces, they are also capable of creating mockups outside of the web.

Designer Web

Straddling the line between a designer and a web developer, they skillfully handle graphic design as well as HTML/CSS languages and some JavaScript. They will be comfortable throughout the entire process of a web design project, including branding and translating it to the web through a website, for example.

Game designer

The game designer is part of the design world, but their role is quite different from just visual creation. Their role is to conceptualize and imagine the video game. With the help of a team of creatives, they lead the project to bring the game to life.

Video editor

Framing a video is not something everyone can do. Editing it to make it funny or dynamic is a true art. That’s where the video editor comes in. In front of their editing software, they take the footage captured by the cameraman and piece it together to create a corporate video or even a streamer’s replay.

Designer UX

Have you ever filled up at a gas station? The UX designer is the one who has imagined the entire user journey. This profile can be found in all companies that want to improve their user experience to sell more or simply make accessing services/products easier.

And more

The world of design is constantly evolving and giving rise to new specializations as it progresses.

Mastering the fundamentals is a good starting point.

B. The computer science careers.

Computing is vast. There are numerous careers ranging from the more versatile to the more specialized. We particularly distinguish two domains: development and systems and network administration.

Far from being opposed, these two branches are highly complementary. They need each other to thrive. One thing is certain, they are governed by the same form of logic: computing. However, this doesn’t mean you need to be strong in mathematics. This methodology can be learned just like you learned to ski or ride a bike.


Developer is not a single profession but a family of several professions. There are indeed different types of developers: software developers, web developers, IoT developers, artificial intelligence developers, industrial developers, and more. Each of them uses different programming languages, but they all rely on algorithms as a fundamental concept.

Systems & Networks Administrator

To run a website, software, or even a mobile application, it is often necessary to have a server to host it, for example. The role of a network administrator is to ensure that this server is always functional and available. They may also combine their activities with user training and support. Of course, there are several types of servers, programming languages, and operating systems, which makes this profession exciting.

Game developer

No need to draw you a picture: a video game developer is a true virtuoso of code. They also have a great understanding of the challenges involved in developing a well-designed game. Each rendering engine may require a different programming language, so they need to be versatile and adaptable.

C. Marketing careers.

Less tangibly measurable, the field of marketing also offers a plethora of careers. The advent of the web and e-commerce has prompted this field to adapt and digitize. In our training program, we recommend combining design and/or computer skills with this profile, making it highly employable. We refer to it as a “Swiss army knife” skill set.

From the traditional marketing manager to the traffic manager, the range of roles is vast. However, this field still requires a commercial mindset as it is an integral part of a company’s growth and revenue generation.

Marketing manager

Quite traditional, the Marketing Manager is responsible for jointly setting the company’s strategy and development with the communication team. Focused on return on investment, they can be found in large companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Trafic manager

E-commerce has brought about the emergence of many professions, and the Traffic Manager is one of them. Their responsibility? To track and interpret website visits: origin, duration, bounce rate… They must understand their users in order to optimize the conversion/sales funnel.

Product owner

Do you know about the marketing mix? It consists of the criteria to define a product or service offering. The Product Manager is dedicated to a specific product or service of the company. They become the expert and work closely with the marketing department to determine the different components of this mix.

D. Esport & entertainment careers

Surprisingly, the esports industry, which is currently undergoing significant structuring, offers a wide range of professions. While we often associate esports with professional players, coaches, and streamers/YouTubers, the reality is much broader.

The professionalization of the industry has led organizations to incorporate roles such as marketing managers, designers, editors, and acquisition specialists, similar to “regular” companies.

Still skeptical? Just ask Gotaga how many people are involved in producing his shows or tournaments. You’ll be surprised!

Pro esport player

Often idolized, professional players are the figureheads of esports. However, just like in traditional sports, there are many contenders but few chosen ones. Moreover, reaching a very high level as a player requires unwavering discipline, preparation, and dedication! Not everyone is cut out for this career.

Esport coach

Far less considered than players, coaches are no less indispensable. Ask Didier Deschamps if he thinks his role is unimportant and not a profession. Esports is undergoing significant structuring, and at EGS, we strongly believe that coaches will play a crucial role in driving its development.

Content creator

Whether as a streamer (live) or YouTuber (filming and editing), being a content creator requires significant resources. From the ability to “sell” oneself to the technical skills of shooting, editing, and branding videos, content creators have become highly sought after!

All related professions

Esports is booming! Just like traditional sports, it is becoming more organized, and all the professions mentioned on this page can be found in this industry. The good news is that by choosing EGS, you greatly increase your chances of working in esports. Not only as a player, but also as a marketing manager for a team or a network administrator for a tournament, among other possibilities.

The esport ecosystem

In the process of structuring, opportunities will multiply in this industry. The training programs don’t need to be specialized, but they should reflect the essence of esports. It is in this aspect that EGS stands out as the only school that truly integrates esports through practical experience and the involvement of our teams for many years.

You know what you have to do.