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We will not make you into a professional player.

but we will provide you with the best conditions to become one.

What is esports study?

We’re not going to start by lying. Joining EGS will never make you a professional esports player. However, esports studies allow you to be in the best conditions to try your luck while securing your professional path.

In short, you will be able to pursue an academic path to develop skills in various career fields with employability, while also training on your favorite game to perform under the best conditions.

Above, our student Frozen scores a quadruple against…

Is a high skill level required?

Our esports school is here to support players of all profiles and help them reach their highest level. To fully express your potential in games, it is essential to have a program tailored to your profile and a suitable environment.

With EGS, you will have access to dedicated training rooms to enhance your skills and benefit from valuable advice from our coaches who are also high-level players. Our esports studies school is here to help you push your limits and become one of the best in your favorite game.

Esport training

Since each player has their own characteristics, it is essential to adapt the training and development to each individual.

At EGS, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals, which is why we provide a tailored training program for each of our students. Throughout your education, you will receive guidance and advice to help you reach your objectives.

Having skill in games is important, but to fully unleash your potential, it is crucial to be physically and mentally prepared. The coaches at our EGS esports school are here to create a customized physical and mental training program for you.

Through better emotional management and increased open-mindedness, you will be more focused and mentally sharp during your matches.

In terms of physical fitness, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also crucial for sustaining your performance level.

With the support of our team of physical, cognitive, mental, and well-being coaches, you will be well-prepared to achieve your highest level.

Become a better version of yourself

Esport training

Just as practice makes perfect, your coaches will oversee your progress. You will have plenty of practice time to perfect your mechanics. You will also use game analysis as a means of improvement.

Mental preparation

Your brain is your best ally for performance. Emotional management, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), tilt control, open-mindedness – your coach will prepare you to become a better version of yourself and achieve unmatched performance.

Physical & lifestyle habits

Your body is a machine that needs proper maintenance. It is just as important as your mind in reaching the heights of success! Our fitness trainer and well-being coach will support you in maximizing your abilities.

Esport partners to carry you.

EGS is supported by renowned partners like Xlr8 who provide us with graphics cards! You will have access to the entire computer equipment for all your esports and academic projects.

If you come across them in-game, run away.

Kichiro, Smash Bros player

Best Sonic FR, et Sonic Top 3 EU

Newgate, Fifa player

His biggest achievement ? Top 3 World on FUT

Frozen, R6S player

BeKind en ligue 1 pro former

Natlocks, Overwatch player

Top EU & detected by the French team

Ridder, Valorant player

Double University French Champion

We manage esports in a few games.

It's the moment.