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Dedicated esport infrastructure in Bordeaux

While most French municipalities have their own football fields or athletics tracks, esports facilities are not as widely developed. The golden age of cybercafés is long gone, and places to train on your favorite game are becoming increasingly scarce.

2500m2 dedicated to esports in Bordeaux

It is in Mérignac (a suburb near Bordeaux) that the largest dedicated esports facility has opened its doors. If you expect a venue where you can rent computers for a few euros per hour, you will be disappointed. Indeed, EGS is primarily a higher education institution dedicated to digital professions. But it is also the first esports study program in Europe. With its 120 competition-grade computers, 4 streaming/bootcamp rooms, and integrated sports facility, EGS offers much more than just practice to its students.

Esports study: What is it?

Students entering this training program have a dual objective. They want to be in the best conditions to excel in esports, while also securing their professional future with state-recognized diplomas and digital courses. In addition to professional guidance in their favorite game, they have the opportunity to prepare for state-recognized professional titles in web development, network administration, or graphic design.

The school has equipped itself with a comprehensive and gamified pedagogical tool that allows each individual to progress at their own pace. The promise is to individualize the paths of each student so that everyone can thrive and advance at their own rhythm.

Esports Training: Training, Mental, Sports, and Cognitive Preparation

EGS is also a true laboratory for esports performance. Already ahead of professional teams that don’t offer half of the support provided by the school, EGS continues to progress and provide a truly professional framework for its practitioners.

An ideal environment for esports practice

With an integrated sports facility, sports coaches, mental trainers, and cognitive trainers, EGS offers an ecosystem never seen before in esports. They can boast of bringing together the best world coaches for each game with a competitive scene: Zaldinho, Sven, Shlaya, Draz, Eden, Izzy, Wrath, Imaginaxion, Riskin… But not content with having an extraordinary lineup of coaches, EGS also makes available the professional skills of specialized coaches such as Claire (physical preparation), Greg (double Olympic vice champion, mental trainer), and Anthony (cognitive trainer).

Elite players (high-level) from EGS sponsored by Nike

An ecosystem that impressed esports giants

EGS invited many actors from the French esports scene to present their work and allow them to become aware of the advances in esports supervision that it offers. They were all unanimous: EGS provides real added value in the pursuit of performance.

Brawks came to experience EGS

In conclusion, EGS is making a strong impact. By offering a complete ecosystem around esports, it appears to be the only one in Europe with this type of service. Even if 99.9% of its students will not have an esports career, they still benefit from an environment conducive to esports practice and securing for their future.

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